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Pro Shot Premium Stadium Series 

New Professional Stadium Arena Bracing now offered by Pro Shot Basketball.

Now that all Premium brands have changed from acrylic to the better

tempered glass, you will see slowly but surely all brands will be braced with Stadium Bracing.

Stadium Arena Bracing is what you see in all college or professional arenas.

The upper arms attach all the way to the side edge of the backboard

(for the most support).

The lower arm goes straight to the rim for the most support for Slam Dunks. 

This means there are no bars and arms attached in the center off the boards

(like college and the pro's) for a much nicer cleaner look, and the best support/play possible.

Other great brands like Goalrilla tm, Wilson tm, First Team tm and more are also offering this great look/bracing on select models which we are proud to sell.

Please call and ask us about all these great brands and offers from Pro Shot Basketball.

Pro shot Basketball sells premium upper end systems installed cheaper than chain stores just selling the equipment!!


Chain stores mark up upper end basketball systems from 50%-70%




No chain or Internet store even sells a basketball system on a

5" x 5" pole and 54" backboard for $899.00

(chain stores charge $1100.00 or more).

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