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Only store to sell a 5" pole 11 gauge thick

54" x 36" x 5/16" tempered glass backboard

Dual Spring Medium flex rim

With free pole pad

Pro Shot BB554 DB

$1,299.00 Regular Price
$1,099.00Sale Price
  • Nobody in the United states offers a 5" pole and 54" board for $1099.00 with free shipping

    5" x 5" adjustable pole

    This is a pole that gets directly buried in the concrete.

    Adjustable from 7' 6" - 10'

    54" x 36 x 5/16" tempered glass

    32" Overhang (This is the distance from the front of the pole to the backboard when adjusted to 10')

    Dual Spring Medium Flex rim [Breakaway]

    Free pole pad



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