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Regular $2599.00 On sale for $2099.00. Save $500.00. Chain store brands do not offer 8 gussets welded at the bottom of the pole, they use 4. All steel parts are hot dipped and galvanized free of charge. This 72" x 42" x 1/2 tempered glass system offers the best play in the industry [most rock solid, least amount of shake] in the industry.Only brand and store to sell a regulation 72" system using 1/2" tempered glass at the price point of $2099.00! FREE SHIPPING!!!LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!

Pro Shot CV 6872

$2,599.00 Regular Price
$2,099.00Sale Price
  • Bonus $300.00 in free pads, stainless steel bolts, and the pole has been hot dipped and galvanized for our never rust guarantee. Strongest Positive lock [Breakaway] rim for residential use. Rim has 3 springs not 1 like chain store rims. Rim has the official NBA net tie system. No hooks/cleats on under side of rim. This rim has the same net attachment as NBA rims. There is a hollow tube welded under rim with a wire/cable running through tube to hole up each net strand. When kids/adults dunk and you are playing on chain store rims they have those hooks to hold up the net. Players are breaking, slashing, cutting and bruising their hand and fingers when dunking when hitting those hooks/cleats that attaches the net. It is a basketball system... Who is not going to dunk on it!! Pro Shot Basketball stands behind it's product, we don't hide behind our product and void your warranty!

    6" x 8" pole 7 gauge 7 gauge – 3/16″ Pole Thickness

    8-re-enforced gussets at the bottom of pole

    72" x 42" x 1/2" tempered glass board.

    50" Overhang

    5'8″ Minimum Height

    Stainless Steel Hardware

    2”x 4” Lower Extension Arm

    1.5” x 3” Upper Extension Arm

    2″ Thick Pole & Gusset Pad

    1″ Thick Backboard Pad


    $300.00 in free pads 1.Pole Pad 2.Gussett Pad 3.Backboard Pad


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