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The 6x6 pole will give you the best play possible.

This is now cheaper than all chain stores brands that use the smaller thinner 5x5 poles that are thinner 13 gauge and now a big major brand sold at the chain stores is now using a laughable junk 13 gauge pole on a 60" board for $1500.00 - $1600.00. Why would you spend more to get less?

What happens when you go to a chain store?

You pay more and get less!!!!

Pro Shot Premium Stadium Arena GSW660 DB

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  • Only store to offer 6"X 6" pole 11 gauge

    6x6 direct bury pole for the best play in the industry

    60"x 36"x 3/8" tempered glass backboard

    Hand crank adjustable from 7-10ft.

    New Stadium Bracing Arms arms are bigger and thicker steel than ever before

    Upper arms to the side edge of board (like in College and Pro Arena's) Dual Spring Heavy Flex Rim with the NBA, Division 1 Net Tie System (NO CLEATS)

    36" Overhang (This is the distance from the front of the pole to the backboard when adjusted to 10')

    Stainless Steel Hardware

    Free pole pad

    Shipped to your home for $1499.00