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A Little Info About Pro Shot Basketball

There are many reasons why Pro Shot Basketball is the #1 dealer in sales, and is the best source for basketball information:


We have 32 years experience specializing in basketball equipment only. We are basketball specialists unlike chain stores and other internet sites. Their hourly workers and management don't have the knowledge and hands-on experience of every brand and what makes each brand different.


The average store stocks only 2 - 3 brands.

 Pro Shot Basketball stocks and sells many brands.


The founder of Pro Shot Basketball has


serious experience and knowledge of basketball sets:


1. Formerly employed by Sure Shot Sports (Major world wide manufacture of basketball equipment).  In that day Sure Shot owned another basketball manufacturer called Spalding. (Made for the NBA).


2. Offered installation, assistance and answered questions for several major chain stores.


3. Pro Shot Basketball, Inc. has installed over 11,000 systems since 1987 (all in one state) making Pro Shot Basketball the biggest, most experienced installer in the USA.


4. Installed several basketball display stands from state to state for a major chain store.


5.Teamed up with Sure Shot, Coca Cola and Van Wagner Playground to install over 300 playground sets in 90 days.


6. We currently manufacture our own basketball sets. Having the experience & knowledge from working at a major basketball manufacturer, Pro Shot Basketball is the first and only dealer in the United States to manufacture their own sets (you buy factory direct; no middleman) and has the buying power and knowledge to carry every major brand at the best, lowest price!


7. The owner of Pro Shot Basketball has had the honor and privilege to be the only store/warehouse/sales outlet to be invited by Escalade Sports (the maker of the Goalrilla Basketball Sets), Wilson Basketball Manufacturer, and Spalding to meet with engineers presidents of marketing, sales managers, and vice-presidents to talk about their companies' own line of basketball sets.  While meeting with them, we were shown proto-types, and asked for our ideas and opinions on select models' support, bracing, and more.  Being invited and actually going to these major manufacturers plants and headquarters has generated a great relationship and education for both sides, and has generated a win, win, for everyone involved, including you, our customer!  


Be aware that 95% of all web sites are internet stores only.  They don't stock or even install sets in their own town or state.  Seeing their sites offering 4, 5, or 8 different brands and not even stocking some of the brands they sell or installing them is a shame.  The problem is that these sites that don't stock and install often say they do, so that you, the consumer think they are very knowledgeable and actually have hands on experience (when they don't). 




Let Pro Shot Basketball drop ship your basketball


set direct to your home.



NO shipping charge to you

NO sales tax if you are out of state

The first manufacturer and sales outlet to offer *Free Pole Pads on every upper end brand $699 and higher.


There are many advantages when you buy any brand from the "Basketball Specialists."


We are here to serve you 7 Days a week for all of your questions, help and tips on basketball sets!


If you have bought or are getting ready to buy a set from any chain store or internet store, we are sorry for your loss.... of money, quality, and free extras, that is.




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